Ajay Holbrook de 20 años busca hacer historia al ser el primer hombre transexual en participar en el concurso de fisicoculturismo más importante del mundo.

Con solo tres años desde que comenzó su proceso hormonal, este chico originario de Texas está listo para participar en el concurso de fisicoculturismo más importante del mundo, mismo donde se inició Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cargando con haber sido abusado por un familiar que era parte de su vida y sentir diariamente que su cuerpo no le pertenecía, este joven decidió darle un vuelco total a su vida y optó por transformar su físico para nunca más sentirse débil e inseguro.

Su camino no ha sido fácil, depresiones, prejuicios y problemas legales para obtener su tratamiento hormonal fueron parte de los obstáculos que tuvo que afrontar.

#transformationtuesday • I remember asking my mom to straighten my hair that day so I could look pretty..so I would fit in. just so I could show everyone I wasn’t some weird kid that always dressed in masculine clothing. For a long time I tried to conform to gender roles and what society tells me I should look and act like. Why is it that I still have people that don’t understand that I am a man, and telling me I am not a real man. What really is the definition of a “real man”? ••••• I can tell you what the definition of real and strong PERSON is. And there are plenty of “men” who fail to understand this everyday. It is someone willing to accept growth and change, someone willing to embrace the hardships in order to appreciate the rewards. Someone willing to do anything and everything for the people they love. Someone who does not look for validation in others but searches a lifetime to find validation within themselves. And most importantly someone that does not judge. ••••• Too often I feel we get caught up in the idea of what it means to be a man, instead we should focus on what it means to be the best version of ourselves and constantly look for growth. We are all kings and queens and everything in between. We are the future. We must open our minds to be able to see past our own barriers. ? #trans #transisbeautiful #transgender #lgbtsupport #wearethefuture #transformation #bodybuilders #ftmfitness #ftm #ftmpride #femaletomale #aestheticsarmy #bulkingseason #throwbacktuesday #tb? #fitguys #fitmen #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #foodforthesoul #thoughts

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Ahora, dos años después, pesando 136 kilogramos está listo para participar en el concurso de fisicoculturismo más importante del mundo llamado Mr Olympia donde espera cambiar la historia, su historia e inspirar a miles a hacerlo.

God knows I’m no where near where I want to be, but I’m definitely where I’m suppose to be..enjoying the process, struggling with discipline, but none the less still making moves ? My goal is to eventually make it to the big stage amongst a million other goals that I have haha…sometimes my goals are so big I legit overwhelm myself. I have so many plans for my life that I almost live in my head 24/7 strategizing how to get there..it’s exhausting but I know one day all of my hard work will be worth it. All of my struggles will prove to be the very foundation of my empire. • This is my story…This is my Legacy. • #transgender #transition #bodybuildingcom #bodybuilders #transguy #transmen #transman #transisbeautiful #ftmtransgender #ftmfitness #aestheticfitness #aestheticsarmy #mrolympia #strongmind #strongbody #strongspirit #stayfocused #alwaysgrowing #goldsgym #weightliftingfairy #gainsfordays

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