Instagram crea un hashtag para que las personas LGBT cuenten su historia.

Raymond Braun organizó la campaña #VisibleMe, que tiene como objetivo mostrar historias diversas e importantes de la juventud LGBT. “Hace un par de meses lancé lo que ahora se convirtió en el proyecto más importante de mi vida: #VisibleMe“, expresó Braun.

“Es más probable que la gente apoye a la comunidad LGBT cuando conocen a alguien que se identifica como LGBT, así que espero que este proyecto otorgue una plataforma y una voz para las personas jóvenes“, resaltó Braun señalando que lo más importante es que se muestre a la juventud LGBT.

La idea de Instagram es visibilizar una comunidad llena de creatividad, diversidad, fuerza y pasión.

A few months ago, I launched what has now become the most meaningful project in my life: #VisibleMe. #VisibleMe is dedicated to making the (in)visible visible by shining a spotlight on diverse, compelling stories from LGBTQ youth all around the world. People are more likely to support the LGBTQ community when they know someone who identifies as LGBTQ, so I hope this project provides a platform and voice to young people, helping them feel empowered and supported. And most importantly, I hope it shows LGBTQ youth that they are not alone and that they’re part of a community filled with creativity, diversity, resilience, strength, and passion. I’m so excited to share that we’re now launching #VisibleMe video to offer another avenue for people to express themselves. I encourage you to explore the hashtag #VisibleMe and check out Thank you to everyone who supports this project. Much love. ❤️????

Un vídeo publicado por Raymond Braun (@raymondbraun) el

i am so honoured to be apart of @raymondbraun ‘s #visibleme campaign to shed light on all LBGTQIA+ lives ? staying true to yourself and your own happiness over others peoples opinions is so important and I’m so proud of myself for discovering that at such a young age. ❤️ The most common struggle I face being trans/gay is people trying to invalidate my life. However I’ve pushed passed negativity and learned to love myself 100% without any stigma. I know who I am whether or not it suits other people. It’s time we learned to live our own lives and not other people’s. ? I want you all to be as involved as possible in being proud of being LGBTQIA+. Comment below your self love story being LGBTQIA , I would love to respond to your amazing lives! ?if you aren’t LGBTQIA+ and are an ally tag someone who is , and tell them why they inspire you ? It’s time LGBTQIA+ lives become as important as everyone else’s ~ T xxx

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